Saturday, November 21, 2015

(BHS) Biblical Historical Science links

To whom it may concern,

Many of us in this life will have a grave responsibility of guiding the destiny for our future generations. This demands us to be virtuous and objective.  In many ways that seems like an impossibly steep mountain to climb.  Hopefully we do our best.  But sometimes the mistakes of others will handicap our journey.  Many of us want to make a difference, and make a mark on history.  I know I do. So the way that I want to do it is give you the mental equipment perhaps even mental weaponry to help you to find virtue and objectivity in life's greatest struggles. 
  As we face life's greatest changes, challenges, struggles and deceptions.  This weapon is a philosophy which will gird the sword of the Lord.  I am a minister by calling.  I do not apologize. On top of the many intellectual arguments I will also present the gospel.  I do not apologize. I believe this is the truth. Meaning that I know it.  It is not a wish.  It is knowledge which was given to me as a gift, So I gift this to you. I hope that you see it as a resource and use it as such over time.  If you deny these things then debunk them.  If not then you should be honest with yourself that you do not want the truth.  But if you knew it,  you would know that the truth will set you free.  I will pray for you reader.  I am offering years of work by faith that you may reap it's benefits. 
May God bless you
Bro. Matt Singleton

Biblical Historical Science vol. 1

Biblical Historical Science Vol. 1.   [these volumes are book sized]
sets the intellectual stage for those of us raised in secularism to renew our mind
Theistic evolution was the original form of evolutionary thought and should be evaluated.
Biblical textual criticism deal with.

Criticism of the Big bang theory.

Volume 2 extends the categories bridging us over to a biblical paradigm
A philosophy of History.
 An evaluation of evolution by means of taxonomy focusing on the Duck Billed Platypus.
Proof the Flood was a worldwide global event.

 Biblical Historical Science Vol. 3
Here we see the scripture coming alive with prophetic proofs and several highly acclaimed papers.
7.  bible smack: A Mature look at age

Dealing with scientific evidence for a young Age of the earth. (thousands not billions)

Biblical historical Science volume 4 is also the New Years Cosmology Hypothesis

Political issues (miscellaneus)

Common Core/next generation science standards
 You Tube Video Format
Apologetic series "Thinking About Jesus"
This provides a simple format to provide the rational and factual truth behind a christian Worldview.  

The new years cosmology class
My philosophy of our universe  

The Gospel explained (According to scripture)
  If you are not certain what is the gospel of Salvation,  As an evangelist it is my duty to provide here the scriptures which will explain them to you.  

The religion of the New Testament (New Testament Religion: Finding the Way)
   If you desired to become a disciple of Christ, I as a minister would provide you with this discipleship.